15 Uplifting Things To Do When You’re Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue - How To Boost Your Spirits
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Are you feeling blue? Here are 15 things to do when you’re feeling blue to lift your mood and spirits!

When you’re feeling sad or depressed it can be hard to come up with things to do that help you lift your mood and feel better. So I made this list of happy boosters for myself and others who need it!

Note: if you feeling sad most days this could indicate depression or a physical cause such as a vitamin D deficiency, so please seek professional help.

Write Down Positive Affirmations

Writing down positive affirmations multiple times is much more powerful than just reciting them in your head. Actually putting pen to paper can be quite therapeutic in itself, but writing positive statements and even visualizing what your writing about is even better.

On not-so-great days a really positive affirmation such as “I am deliriously happy” will not work. You will feel resistance when you write it down because you’ll have a hard time believing it.

And you have to believe it to change your mood and attitude.

So on those days, I choose a bridge affirmation that’s getting close to my end goal.

Listen To Your Happy Playlist

Putting on music that makes you feel good and even dance is a surefire way to boost endorphins and therefore your mood.

I have a playlist that includes a variety of songs from the 1950s until now that is sure to perk me right up. Here are some of the songs on my happy playlist:

  • Nat King Cole – Pretend
  • Pharell Williams – Happy (surprise, surprise)
  • James Brown – I Feel Good
  • Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy
  • Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

So come up with your own playlist and enter your own happy space when you’re feeling less than wonderful.

Make a (private) playlist on YouTube, Spotify, or in a program such as Media Monkey that you access any time you need it!

Work On Your Vision Board

If you have a vision board (you should!) just go through it and look at your dreams and desires. Maybe you can add a new goal to it or a picture of something that makes you happy.

Something I have been working on lately is making my own vision book. I just make a word document with my ideas, goals, favorite quotes, and affirmations, including pictures, and save it as a PDF.

I’ve got a copy on my tablet and PC to access when I need it.

Watch Ambience Videos

I love watching ambience videos, especially in the colder months. Some of my favorite channels for those videos are Autumn Cozy and Calmed By Nature.

Make a Gratitude List

I used to think that making a list of things I’m grateful for was not for me. Corny, useless, and too new-age were just some of my opinions when it came to a gratitude practice.

Until I started to journal and one day decided to jot down just 3 things I was grateful for that day. After just a few days of doing this, I started to feel better and found my days to start more positive.

It’s a daily practice for me now, but there are some days when you have a bit of trouble coming up with things to be grateful for…like when you’re feeling sad.

Just reading through past days in my journal helps, but making a gratitude list is actually better.

Because there are things in life that you are grateful for every single day.

  • The roof over your head.
  • The food you enjoy every day.
  • Dear family and friends.
  • Your health.
  • Any hobbies or sports that have made your life better.

I’ve made a list of items that I’m grateful for every day and stuck it to the whiteboard above my desk, so I can read it whenever I need it.

Watch Your Favorite Comedy

I love re-watching old TV shows like Friends, Frasier, or anything I watched when growing up. I can feel those happy vibes I felt back then with lots of happy memories too!

Go For A Walk

Getting out of the house and reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to lift your spirits. When the sun is out grab that opportunity to scoop up some vitamin d. It’s good for your mood and your immune system too!

I like to put on headphones and listen to music (only do this in safe areas and not on busy roads or places where you are alone).

Cuddle a Pet

Cats and dogs are very sensitive to their owner’s mood and they can help you boost your mood too.

People with pets are generally happier, so if you don’t have a pet why not adopt?

And if you get a dog, you need to walk it every day, meaning you’ll get out of the house too!

Do A Course

I love learning new things and I have a lot of courses to go through at the moment. Most of them are digital courses, so just watching a few videos in a module sparks my creativity and inspires me to take action.

Craft Something

Release your inner creative self and make something from scratch. When seasons change I make a new centerpiece for my table or I make decorations for the mantel or windows.

It keeps me busy, relaxed and seeing the end result makes me happy.

Take a Nap

Napping is not just for babies or old people, it’s for everyone! Sometimes you just need to lie down and nod off for just a few minutes.

Call a Friend

Note I said “call a friend” not text or mail! Hearing someone’s voice and just talking to a good friend helps you feel better. If possible arrange to meet somewhere and have a coffee.

Humans are social animals, we need contact with others to live a long and happy life. Just ask the centenarians in the Blue Zones like Sardinia, Okinawa, and Costa Rica.

One of the pillars of longevity and happiness is social connections so work ’em!


I only started meditating last year, but now I meditate a few times a week and am trying to make it a daily practice.

What took me so long? I didn’t want to take the time to sit still for 5 or 10 minutes!

Silly eh?

Feeling blue can be caused by your thoughts, so rewiring your thoughts is the best way to kick that sadness to the curb.

There are millions of meditation videos or programs out there, so find one that resonates with you and use it a few times a week.

Set Goals

Setting goals gives you something the look forward to and get your mind off whatever is bothering you!

Plan a vacation, a new course, something for your business, or a meetup with family and friends.

List Your Achievements

When you are clouded by sadness it can be hard to come up with anything positive. You’ll need a reminder, so make a list of your successes and accomplishments and keep it nearby at all times.

In fact, you can include this with your vision book or keep it in your journal.

And put it on your phone, computer, cork board to remind yourself how awesome you are and how far you have come!


I hope these ideas for boosting your mood will help you as much as they help me! Let me know what you do to lift your spirits in the comments below!

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