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Blue Light Therapy For Acne: Does It Work?

blue light therapy
Blue Light Therapy For Acne Acne is a chronic condition which can range from small number of whiteheads occasionally to a severe case of cystic nodules peppered with whiteheads and blackheads. There are a variety of different treatment modalities from…
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Makeup Tips For Redheads

makeup tips for redheads
When you’ve got red hair you’re blessed with light skin, freckles and hazel, blue or green eyes. Red hair is hot (look at Christina Hendricks, Florence Welch & Julianne Moore) and we have the tips to help you make the…
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Makeup Tips For Pale Skin

makeup tips for pale skin
When you have pale skin you’re in the company of Keira Knightly, Taylor Swift, Adèle, Gwen Stefani and a host of other pale beauties. Pale skin is classy & sophisticated. A study by the University of Toronto revealed that men…
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Acne Treatments That Really Work

acne treatments
Some acne treatments are more effective than others. Not all treatments will work for everyone because there are various factors that can cause acne. So if your acne is severe, you should see a dermatologist. Using the following natural remedies…
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