Silky Smooth Skin in 5 Minutes

silky smooth skin
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We all love to have silky andsilky smooth skin smooth skin. It makes you feel sexy and sensual and we bet your partner loves it too! You can get silky smooth skin in 5 minutes following our steps below.

Step 1: Take a warm shower

Just shower just like you normally would. The only difference is the inclusion of one small ingredient.  When taking your shower, try to take it as hot as possible. The heat is important for a couple of reasons.  Heat will help to relax and soothe your sore muscles.  It will also help to open the pores all over your body.

Step 2: Add Oil

After showering as you normally would take a wash cloth and soak it with baby oil. Johnson’s baby oil is inexpensive, but smells divine. Step out of the spray of water and rub your entire body with the oil soaked wash cloth.  After you have rubbed the baby oil all over your body, step back under the spray of the water. Stand for just a minute under the spray of water, then get out of the shower.

Step 3: Drying Time!

If you have the time, allow yourself to air dry.  If not, then gently towel dry your body.  You will find as your skin dries that your body will absorb the baby oil like a sponge.  This leaves you with much softer and smoother skin.  Give it a try after a stressful day and it is sure to become one of your favorite shower rituals.

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