How To Look And Feel Confident

how to look and feel confident
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There are many things that you can still accomplish without self confidence, but if you have self confidence you’ll find that you’re more successful and you’ll be less likely to toss in the towel. Feeling confident can be elusive and if you find that your success ebbs and flows you’ll likely see that confidence is a huge part of your success.

These tips will help you to look and feel confident:

1. Know Yourself

List all of your strengths and your capabilities. Be sure to include what you seem to have talent for even if you’ve never actually tried it. Maybe you’re reliable and smart. Perhaps you’re coordinated and you have an excellent musical ear. Whatever it is, make sure to list it and think about it as you write it out.

By putting your good qualities on paper you’ll see that there are many reasons to be confident. See now, you’re already doing great.

2. Major Achievements

What are your major achievements? How many amazing things have you accomplished in life already? Often we spend so much time on our failures that we forget to stop and look at our achievements. So take some time and think about the good things.

3. Daily Accomplishments

Let’s take a moment on a daily basis and think about what we accomplish in a day. Perhaps you only managed to make a meal and take out the trash. Write it down. While these things may sound mundane and trivial you’ll find eventually that you accomplish a lot more than you realize.

4. Motivate Thyself

Stay motivated. Confidence is derived from our ability to achieve the goals that we set out to accomplish. As we achieve goals we can cross them off of our list and see that we are staying motivated. While it’s so much easier to put things off and procrastinate, we know that we’re not applying ourselves if we take this tactic.

Create a setting for success by coming up with a few daily activities to improve life and provide a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps you are a writer and want to make sure to write a number of pages daily, perhaps you want to finish a great book so you plan to read an x number of pages on a daily basis. Stick with a plan, follow it through and trust in yourself.

5.  Always Look Your Best

If you look and feel your best you’ll be more likely to contribute to your confidence. Stay healthy and stay fit. Even if you work at home take a few minutes daily to get dressed and put on your make up or brush your hair. Even if no one ever sees you, you’ll feel better about yourself almost instantly by following these simple steps.

As you look in the mirror tell yourself that you deserve the best and that you’re worth it. As you learn to believe it, you’ll exude it and others too will believe in you.

6. Set Goals

Goals will boost confidence. It’s important to set goals and it gives us the opportunity to see where we have the most confidence. Setting goals allows us the freedom to expect more out of ourselves and encourages us to follow through.

7. Challenge Yourself

When it comes to learning one should never stop. Learning should be a life long goal and it will help to keep your mind sharpened and everyone who you interact with will find you interesting.

8. Keep At It

Don’t give up after a few days, confidence is built on a daily basis so keep at it and you’ll see more confidence building every day.

To keep your confidence up you’ll need to nurture it and build it. Just like weeding your garden you’ll need to weed out those negative thoughts and keep the healthy ones alive.

Your life will be more enjoyable when you’ve built your confidence. Create your own confidence building plan and follow it and you’ll find that you’ve taken charge of your life and you have all the confidence in the world.

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