Affirmations 101 – How To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

Affirmations 101

Affirmations 101

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In this article, we’ll answer your frequently asked questions about affirmations. What are they? How do I use them? And how can I make them work for me to help achieve my goals? Let’s get started!

Affirmations 101

Using Affirmations

Whether you write your own affirmations or you want to use ones in this guide, or that you have found elsewhere, it helps to first know how you are using them.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement that you make about yourself or your goals. Affirmations are like magic words with the ability to create whatever they say. For example, if I state “I am wealthy,” the Universe will be encouraged to provide me with more abundance around me in order for my affirmations to become reality.

What are examples of affirmations?

Some examples of affirmations are:

  • I am brave.
  • I am a diamond in the rough.
  • I am successful and it feels good!
  • My new business is thriving.
  • I am the master of my own destiny.
  • I will do what I can to make today a great day.
  • The only limits that exist are those in which I place on myself.
  • I choose joy, love and happiness for my future!

Are affirmations effective?

Yes, affirmations can be very effective. In fact, if we think about it in a quantum physics sense, every thought you have is an affirmation because thoughts create reality! Whenever we put out the intention for something to happen through our thoughts or words (affirmations), that’s exactly what will begin happening around us.

In order for them to work effectively though, they must come from a place of truth and honesty so make sure your affirmations are reflecting who YOU ARE authentically as well as what YOUR GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS ARE.

For example: “I am brave” would be more powerful than just saying “I am strong.” If you are not currently living in alignment with those statements then they won’t resonate on you.

Do affirmations work if you say them in your head?

Affirmations work the same whether you say them in your head or out loud. However, there are some people who prefer to repeat affirmations silently while others feel more energized when they speak their words aloud and make a conscious effort to be heard! Affirmation is all about intention so do whatever feels most natural for YOU and continue putting yourself first!

How long will it take for affirmations to work?

There is no set amount of time for affirmations to work. It’s a process that works in the background and will happen gradually if you keep repeating your words. If an affirmation doesn’t feel true, then it won’t resonate on you so don’t worry about trying to force anything!

Does listening to affirmations work?

Yes, listening to self-affirming words is a great way to get and keep your mind focused on positive thoughts. When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, try playing an audio track that contains affirmations instead of music!

When is the best time of day to use affirmations?

The best time of day to use affirmations is whenever you need them. You can tell that your mind and body are both ready for the positive change!

How to Use Affirmations

There are many ways you can use these affirmations, to help you get into the right frame of mind, and go through your day with love, confidence, faith, and high vibrations.

Here are some of the best affirmation ideas:

Write Them Down In Your Journal.

Affirmations 101 - Journal

An easy way to use affirmations every day is to write them down in your journal. You can write one down each day before you start journaling as your topic of focus for that day, or come up with a few different affirmations that apply to what you are trying to manifest.

Put a Sticky Note on Your Mirror

If you want to be reminded of your affirmation throughout the day, write it down on a sticky note, and put it on a mirror in your bathroom.

It should be in a place where you will see it often, so you can put it anywhere, including on your fridge door or even the top of your computer screen. Every time you
see it, read it out loud or to yourself, and really feel what it says.

Do Mirror Work

Affirmations 101 - Do Mirror Work

An alternative to just saying it to yourself when you see the note, is actually using it for mirror work. This is when you look at your reflection in the mirror
while saying the affirmation to yourself.

This can be a really powerful law of attraction method.

Say them to yourself throughout the day – If you have short affirmations that are easy to remember, you can try saying them to yourself throughout your day whenever
you need to be reminded of it.

Use Affirmations During Visualization

Affirmations 101 - Vizualization

Another great option is during meditation or visualization. Choose affirmations that help get you into that zone where you are focusing on and feeling your manifestation.

When to Use Affirmations

There is no right or wrong way to use affirmations. You can use them at any time, choosing ones that fit your mood or will boost your confidence. But, here are some tips
for choosing when to use different types of affirmations.

When Your Vibration Is Low

If you have been feeling down, with negative feelings, and like you are losing faith in yourself, you probably have low vibrations. Affirmations do an
amazing job at lifting your spirits and raising your vibrations of energy, which is going to help you manifest much sooner.

When You Are Lost or Stuck

Certain affirmations are ideal for when you are feeling a little lost or stuck, especially ones for abundance or success. You don’t need to worry about HOW this will happen for you, but just have faith that it will.

When You Have Low Self-Confidence

You are amazing person, and you deserve to be reminded of that. Use affirmations for self-love and confidence if you ever feel down about yourself.

When You Are Trying To Accomplish a Goal

Write your own affirmations related to a specific goal you are trying to achieve. Say it often, in the mirror or out loud, or by writing it down in your journal.

When You Are Manifesting Something Specific

Another use for the customized affirmations you write yourself is when you are trying to manifest something very specific, like a certain type of car, or traveling to your dream destination.

You will find many other reasons to use certain affirmations, based on your main manifesting focus at any given time.

You can have one affirmation you use, or a selection of them for different areas of your life that you want improved.

Writing Your Own Affirmations

While you can definitely find some amazing affirmations, it also helps to learn how to write your own. You can take one you find and tweak it to best fit your situation, or write
one from scratch.

You will notice that after the first few, they become effortless. Writing your own affirmations allows you to customize them to your life, your goals, and what you are trying to manifest.

Keep it Positive

The number one rule to writing an affirmation, especially when you are trying to manifest good things into your life, is to keep it positive.

Don’t use any negative words in your affirmations. For example, if you want to lose weight, you don’t mention that you are trying to LOSE weight or struggling with it.

That makes it appear like you attracting lack.

Instead, switch it around, and talk about how you love your body and are at your ideal weight. This is how the law of attraction works best.

Write it in Present Tense

You also want your affirmations to be written in present tense, as if they already exist or have already happened. Even though you might be trying to work on a goal, you don’t
write it as if you want it to come true, but like it already has.

With the law of attraction, you attract what you focus on. You don’t want to focus on your lack, but abundance. So, if you want to attract wealth, you write an affirmation
about how you are already wealthy or like you attract wealth and abundance.

Are you lacking confidence? Your affirmation should be about how you ARE confident, not how you WANT TO BE confident.

Keep it Short and Concise

Remember that your affirmation should be short and to the point. No unnecessary words or verbiage. It is never longer than one sentence (aside from a few exceptions),
and is usually a shortened sentence.

You want to be able to keep it in your mind without having to read it every time, which is why keeping it brief is the best way to write it out.

Write down any affirmation that comes to you first, using the above rules of writing it in present tense and keeping it positive. Read it to yourself once, then read it out loud.

Now close your eyes, and say it again. Were you able to do it without looking? If not, you might need to shorten it or change some of the words you used.

Affirmations are really powerful, even if they seem silly at the time. The more you tell yourself you are amazing, confident, attract abundance, have an open heart, and have
all these blessings in your life, the more your subconscious begins to feel it – and the more you can actually attract those things into your life with the law of attraction.

Affirmations 101 - Manifest Your Dream Life with The Law Of Attraction

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