How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

There is lots of advice online about how to get your ex-boyfriend back after a break-up, but wouldn’t it be better if you could get him to make the first move?

After all, if he makes the first move then he will think it is his idea and will give your relationship a much better chance at success. We have some surefire ways to get your ex-boyfriend to make the first move.

Control Your Emotions!

The fastest way to remove your ex from your life forever is to call him on the phone and spend 45 minutes pouring your heart out to him. Guys are scared off by too much emotion. Instead, you need to develop a way that is more boyfriend friendly to express your thoughts and feelings. Instead of being a bundle of nerves when you are around him, try once again to be the self-confident, easy-going individual you were when you first met.

Self Improvement Is Important

After a break-up the worst thing you can do is to sit and mope and feel sorry for yourself. Instead, why not spend some time doing things you never had time to do before? For instance, sign up for a college class, learn the Martial Arts you have always said you were going to learn, or maybe enroll in a cooking class. The idea is to get yourself busy and to involve yourself in interesting pursuits that will help you grow as a person.

It may not be a bad idea to try to find something that you know you would both enjoy doing together — just a little side tip! When you pursue an activity you both enjoy it will create more chances for you to meet up in the future.

Stay On Top Of Your Appearance

Yes, men are attracted to good looking women. But that doesn’t mean you have to be Miss Universe. You do, however, need to take care of your appearance so that you appear attractive. Of course some women overdo this and dress like they are on the cover of some high-style magazine. To be honest, that is a turnoff for most men.

What you want to aim for is to be the most attractive person that you can be. That may involve finding the type of clothing that looks best on your figure, learning the right amount of make-up to wear (most men feel less is better!) and choosing a flattering hair style. Taking care of your appearance means you will feel better about yourself and that in itself is very attractive!

Get All Your Ducks In A Row

It is not true that most men do not want to get married and have a family. Lots of guys are tired of being alone and want a serious relationship with a mature woman. Does your lifestyle reflect that you are the type of woman who is ready to become a wife and mother? Or are all your activities based on partying and having a good time?  A man who is looking for a life partner is not looking for a party girl.

There is a good chance that you already know what it will take to get your ex boyfriend make the first move. When you think back to when you first got together, it is obvious your ex thought you were a pretty special person. Work hard to become that person and he will once again be attracted to you.  Before you know it, you ex-boyfriend will be making the first move to get you back!

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